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Discover the power of your souls knowing through an Akashic Record Consultation.

An Akashic Record Consultation is a dialogue between you and your soul. With your permission the Akashic Field is accessed through a Sacred Prayer to obtain information from the library of your Soul. The information is given in a gentle and loving manner; the Truth will resonate as Truth at your core level. A consultation is an interactive process and you are encouraged to ask additional questions for clarification in which to “Go deeper” in to the subject matter; ANY aspect of your being can be explored (for example: relationships, finances, habits, family, past life experiences).

The Records give answers for the future based on the current path. Through time these answers may change as each of us exercise our free will in each moment.

A typical consultation lasts one and a half hours. A consultation can include individuals, couples, groups and business projects.  There is no allotted schedule for a follow-up appointment, you will know when it is time for another consultation when you feel the urging of your inner being.



An Akashic Record Consult helps promote clarity by revealing and, possibly removing, that which no longer serves your higher purpose and current situation.

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Through accessing your Akashic Records using a Sacred Prayer you can find the divine design for your present, thereby creating your future in a way that allows you to walk your Truth.

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