An “Akashic Record Consultation” is a dialogue
between you and your soul.

The world is full of sound and vibration. There is a constant bombardment of energetic influences which can create confusion and ennui.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word and within the space of the Akashic Records all things are held sacred. The events of the past can be accessed and revealed as a tool for navigating your life more fully and peacefully.

Accessing the Akashic Record reveals the divine design for the present, allowing one to attune to the vibration and frequency of creating the future in Truth. Experiences, whether in this lifetime or past, impact how we view the world around us. Our reactions and responses may keep us from accessing innocence and joy. In every situation we have choice and often those choices are sullied in the mire of early childhood, societal or traumatic teachings.

By asking the questions about how to relate to current situations the Lords, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones reveal solutions containing the synergistic answers of all your vibrational knowledge.