The structures which were built to keep us safe as a child often become our prisons as we mature. These teachings can lead to restricting ourselves from trusting that which our true instinct and intuition is nudging us towards.

During the consultation we will explore the experiences and vibrations which may have created leaks in your Soul Fabric. Shifting the belief systems from your ancestors, genetic DNA or Soul Lineage through awareness and forgiveness, while moving into a place of neutrality, allows your Divine Will to become clear and be present with you.

Your questions about how to relate to current situations allow the Lords, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones to reveal information and solutions containing the synergistic answers of all your vibrational knowledge.


FOR Businesses

Each company has an energetic signature of it’s own – a part of you, yet separate from you.  In opening the Akashic Record for your business you can ask questions to help you clarify your goals "How do I create a larger market for my Business?", "Is it in my highest good to maintain my current partnership at all cost?", "Why do I keep attracting situations in which I feel victimized?", "How can I stabilize my finances?", "When will I feel like what I do is enough?"  Join me in an intimate setting with the energetic Truth of the Akashic field as we navigate the journal of your Business Soul, releasing the highest potential of support for YOU and therefore your business today.

"Over the past 7 years I have come to rely on working with Wendy in regards to growing my company.  I find it quite helpful to get a macro view of my company’s past, current and future proclivities.  Wendy is one of the few professionals that is able to keep personal opinion out of her work and just focus on the facts available during our dialogs.  We have discussed topics such as employee moral, general competition, cash flow concerns, conflict resolution, creative marketing and a host of other day to day practices that have proven to be quite beneficial.  It is hard to argue with continued success and that is exactly what these dialogs with Wendy have to offer." - James M, Cleveland, Ohio

FOR Individuals

When I sit with an Individual to consult the Akashic Field we are embraced with a direct field of energy which contains unbiased information. There is no judgment of behavior or thought or deed. The desire of the Record Keepers is to bring clarity to your mind, body, spirit and emotion in order for you to move ahead with joy and simplicity. Many of the situations which have been created in our life have a common thread – patterns repeat themselves. Discovering the root cause and releasing its ability to disable our progress frees us to meet our success more fully.

“It has been my experience throughout the various readings I have had with Wendy Sue that the information coming through the records was accurate and clear. I feel that she is able to really access a level of information that allows me to answer and heal some tough issues in my life.” - Katie S, Lexington KY


FOr Couples

Relationships are the most important thing in our incarnations. Relationship wisdom includes, spouses, family, co-workers, business practices and money… the list is endless. AND the largest relationship of all is the relationship with YOURSELF! How you relate to yourself will dictate how you relate to all other situations in your life.

All consultations are based on your specific questions and your intentions for discovery. The energetic information is given to you and will resonate as an aligned Truth.

“Wendy Sue Wahl is a warm, loving person and an Empath as well as a gifted healer and teacher. She is highly intuitive and can access problem areas quickly and accurately. Wendy Sue’s workshops are fun, informative, powerful and can leave one in a state of spiritual awe.” - Gayle S, Lexington KY

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
— Carl Jung

What are the Akashic Records?

 The word Akasha stems from many traditions and refers to an energetic substance which stores the history of our Soul’s experiences.  Everything that has ever happened to you from the time you became an individuated Spark of the Divine is stored here.  Through your questions, and current relevancy, this information is accessed to provide you with a springboard to gaining and maintaining clarity of your past and present constructions.  The Akasha can also provide help with your future plans based on the position you are currently manifesting from.  With an expressed desire and clear questions your life can be illuminated and have more freedom from which to create. 

You are the only you available to hold YOUR position in the Universe.  

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Other Services

In addition to consultations I also provide the following:



The word Reiki (“ray-key") means Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is a simple, hands-on method of healing the mind, body and spirit. Reiki is the art, and science, of activating and applying natural, universal life force energy to promote wholeness and healing. It has no doctrine or creed. Originally developed in Japan it transcends cultural and religious boundaries. Reiki is an all- inclusive healing modality.

Each practitioner develops a unique relationship with the energy itself. The relationship strengthens through use by developing a trust. The more you trust the process and Reiki energy, the greater the results and deeper the level of intimacy.

The Reiki energy is used to enhance, protect and heal our lives on all levels. It can be used in all circumstances of our lives like relationships, finance, health, conflicts and travel.

Please contact me for information on Reiki classes and individual Reiki Sessions.